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First Page Awards Award-Winning West Country Brewers Awards

Gifts! Download our gift guide here

Three 500ml Bottles in a kraft gift box - perfect gift! - £12

Great for true Bristolians featuring our Bristol scroll fonts

Bristol Best: 4%: classic West Country best bitter. Copper coloured, malty, smooth

Bristol Blonde 3.8%: Multiple award-winning session blone beer

Bristol Gold 4.4%: Golden, well-balanced, easy drinking beer

Hophead choice

Friese-Greene 4.5%: new British Olicana hop. Only the second harvest. Apple-like, quenching, bittersweet

Supersonic 4.6%: NZ hops: Waimeia, Kohatu. Malty base, overlaid with hops. 10p/bottle to Aerospace Bristol museum

Azacca 4.6%: rarely-seen American hop. Fragrant and fruity

Three very different beers including our first lager

IPL#2 Mandarina Bavaria 4.6%: Modern German-hopped lager. Refreshing with a definite orange flavour.

Holy Mole 5.3%: Chilli Chocolate Milk Stout made with Upton Cheyney chillis. Zingy!

Resolution IPA 5%: hop-forward American IPA. Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.

Six 500ml Bottles in a kraft gift box - special gift! - £20

Mixed six bottles showcasing our range

Mix Your Own

Choose any three bottles gift boxed for £12 or six for £20

Beer for your party!

Order & Pick up from one of our pubs or the Brewery Tap

Please order at least three working days before you’d like to collect from your nearest Dawkins pub or Brewery Tap

during our opening hours of Friday 4pm-8pm & Saturday 1pm-8pm or our extra Xmas dates (Sun 12-5pm 2/9/16/23 Dec & 12-5 Xmas Eve); join our mailing list for updates.

***NB Closing early at 5pm on Sat 15 Dec for a Private Party***


For collection from the pub (on/after 19 Dec)=noon on Mon 17 Dec

For collection from the Brewery Tap (between 21-24 Dec) = noon on Thurs 20 Dec

TO ORDER: contact us at beers@dawkinsales.com  or ask at the Tap counter

Take Home Prices:

All include VAT and free delivery can be arranged to any Dawkins pub in Bristol. As of 30/10/18


Approx size



6 x 500ml


12 x 500ml


20ltr Box

35 pints

40ltr Cask

70 pints

Click on name for tasting notes

no deposit

no return

no deposit

no return

no deposit

no return

no deposit

no return

+£40 deposit

Bristol Best





£115 =£155 inc deposit

Bristol Gold





£120 =£160 inc deposit

Easton IPA





£120 =£160 inc deposit

Bristol Cider




£65 (still)


*You can mix & match bottles. These ale bottles are British-made and eco-friendlier; lighter in weight

Cask beers

Upon receiving your order the brewery transfers a normal sedimented cask that we’ve matured for a 48hrs (just like a good pub does in it’s cellar) into your container so the beer will be fresh, bright and easy to serve.*

The 20lt is a bag-in-box. Lasts 14 days unopened, at least 7 days once opened if kept cool. (Timescales will reduce if not cool)

The 40lt is a cask. Open within 2 days, lasts 2 days after this. £40 deposit covers the cask, tap, and mallet. Fully refunded on safe return.

Easy instructions included, store cool. Take care with the cask; weighs up to 50kg.

*However we can supply normal ‘pub’ sedimented beer (in which case it will need to settle 48hrs before serving). Best taste within 4 days after opening or one month unopened, kept cool.