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First Page Awards Award-Winning West Country Brewers Awards

Our special brew in conjunction with East Bristol Hops - community hop growers in Easton

Easton Promise

4.4% abv Hazy Gold, unfined

1 pint=2.5 units

Super-fresh, grassy, hoppy

Made with 2019 season wet hops picked straight off the vine on 11th September and brewed the next morning! These hops are not dried as is usual, capturing all the delicate volatile aromas and flavours from the natural hop oils.

Again, in this the fourth year we were astounded by the growers efforts.

The name was chosen in a competition amongst our first wave of growers, now numbering over a hundred all over Easton and environs.

More on East Bristol Hops co-operative here

What’s in it

Pale Maris Otter malt, Caramalt, Torrefied Wheat, Crystal malts

Locally-grown wet Bullion, Fuggles, Primadonna (UK) hops

Allergy advice

Contains gluten (wheat, barley)

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