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5.3% Dark

1 pint=3.1 units

Our double chocolate oat milk stout, new recipe for 2018.

Rich and creamy with plenty of luxurious chocolate.

Smooth and satisfying on chill winter nights. Made with all-British malt and hops.

Credit to Paul at the Portcullis; a silent comedy fanatic, he came up with the idea of a winter beer with the great WC Fields on the pumpclip, replete with big red nose!

“Like taking candy from a kid!”

Note the ‘South West Silents’ logo on the pumpclip. This special film group promotes and holds a number of events celebrating classic silent film throughout the region and UK.

Find out more about them here.

Try also: (*specials available irregularly)

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Good with food

Chocolate, toffee, creamy desserts

What’s in it?

Maris Otter, Wheat, Chocolate, Crystal, High Colour Crystal Malts

Challenger (UK) whole hops

Lactose, 100% Cocoa, vanilla extract, oats

Water, yeast

Allergy advice

Contains gluten (barley, wheat, oats), lactose

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